220 Ton H-Frame Hydraulic Press 36stroke, 45x66 window, 4KW 2-pump power unit

220 Ton H-Frame Hydraulic Press 36stroke, 45x66 window, 4KW 2-pump power unit

220 Ton H-Frame Hydraulic Press 36stroke, 45x66 window, 4KW 2-pump power unit
We have 1000's of Industrial/Laboratory equipment & parts items--See the categories on the left below. 220 Ton H-Frame Hydraulic Press 36 inch stroke, 45" wide 66" tall window, with 4KW power unit. Designed piston speed 32.5 inches per minute.

Power supply 208 volts 3-phase 4KW. Upper platten about 9.75 inch diameter--6 cylinder rod.

Lower platten about 20 by 24 inches. 36 inch stroke--90 cm scale.

66 inches maximum clear between upper and lower plattens. Pressure gauge reads in tons. Guessing a 7 to 8000 psi hydraulic system. Measured 3500 at about half force. Pump unit includes high volume pump as well as high pressure low volume pump and a unit that converts over once a certain pressure is reached so that motor does not overload. Solenoid valve and pressure transducer on power unit (600 Bar). Has bottom travel limit switch (not connected).

8,000pounds raw weight, 61x35x156 inches for the press. 400 pounds and 26 by 20 by 38 for the hydraulic supply. The frame has to be layed on its side unless you bring a double drop trailer and get over-height permits.

Looks very good functional used a bit weathered. No safeties or safe guards. No anvil lifting system--use forklift.

Ships without oil unless you come pick it up. Used & parts-- don't commit if..

You can make an offer.. International is super costly & slow. We make a mistake now & then.. We reserve the right to.. Bio energy fuel diesel components.

Lab& industrial ovens & furnaces. Wire, cable & shrink tubing.

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220 Ton H-Frame Hydraulic Press 36stroke, 45x66 window, 4KW 2-pump power unit